Digital Juice ChromaPop Studio green screen

Digital Juice ChromaPop Studio green screen

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Whether you're shooting video, film or still photography, defining your look can depend greatly on your location and finding the best location can affect the overall success of your production. Since the ideal location isn't always available or convenient, using a green screen gives you the option to replace your set in post, providing nearly unlimited options to define and redefine the look and feel of your final production.

The Digital Juice ChromaPop Studio is a portable, high-quality green screen solution that can help you tackle even the most ambitious shots. It can add high-end production value to any shoot while still providing flexibility to shoot your talent on location. These large format green screens allow you key out multiple people, large objects or both, providing a solution for jobs that would otherwise require renting out a professional cyclorama wall at a local studio.

Made from durable high-grade foam-backed polyester, the ChromaPop Studio screen is offered in two large format sizes - 8' x 18' and 12' x 18'. Because both sizes fold up to fit into a lightweight weatherproof carry bag, they remain extremely portable despite their size. They are lightweight enough to easily transport anywhere your production takes you and compact enough to easily store in a closet, corner or back seat when not in use. Each ChromaPop Studio package also includes a 30-sheet Sticky Mat to effortlessly clean dirt and debris from the shoes of your talent and production staff before stepping onto the screen fabric.